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One of the most advanced villages of San Fernando. A small-scale nickel mining operation has been granted by the PMRB to an individual identified as one of the members of the board of trustees of Filipinas Top Rock Mines and Realty Development, Inc. (FTRMRDI, famously known as Top Rock), an alleged clone of San Roque Metals, Inc. operating in Tubay, Agusan del Norte, because of the appearance of former Caloocan lawmaker Egay Erice. Applicants for small scale mining include members of the board of Top Rock, and for exploration and mineral productions sharing agreement (MPSA) include Pelican Resources of Australia through Sibuyan Nickel Properties Development Corporation (SNPDC) owned by the Cabarrus Group. This is where the late councilor Armin Marin was murdered during a protest against Top Rock, SNPDC, Pelican Resources and its off-take agreement with BHP Billiton, and the approval of then DENR Sec. Angelo Reyes of a special cutting permit for 69,709 trees. Mining applications of SNPDC and Top Rock were recommended by the former Brgy. Capt. Ludilyn Montojo and majority of the council before her term ended, despite the opposition of the villagers during three consultations held.


A far-flung coastal village in San Fernando considered as one of the poorest. A small-scale iron mining operation by JKL Brothers Mineral Ore Quarrying Enterprises (JKL Brothers) owned by Mr. Herodion Molo, backed by Ore Asia Mining Development Corp. (OAMDC), owned by a certain Mr. Danny Ong, has been permitted by the provincial government of Romblon. In the advent of its operation, coral reefs were destroyed during the unloading of heavy equipment to be used in the operation. It has been documented even in television that the operation is in circumvention with the Small Scale Mining Act of 1991 prohibiting the use of heavy equipment. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Romblon’s Provincial Mining Regulatory Board have been knowledgeable of the aforesaid fact that led to the halt order of Gov. Natalio Beltran III recently. The mining site is on a hill just above the elementary school, village hall and reacreation center, and chapel, not counting the houses adjacent to it. Fronting the mining hill directly is the seacoast just twenty meters away, hence, during rainy days, it turns brown because of siltation. Another struggle occurs: rehabilitation.


The largest village and the rice granary of San Fernando. The advocacy against mining started here when the majority of the council questioned the validity of a resolution that was not consulted to them, signed by former Brgy. Capt. Wenne Romano. The provincial government granted Pelican Resources and SNPDC two small-scale mining permits (SSMP) through its member companies All-acacia Resources and Sun-Pacific Resources. It could be concluded that the SSMPs were just used for exploration purposes because there was no actual production of nickel ores. In a forum, it was admitted by SNPDC’s geologist that the company is not really for small scale operation but for a large scale one. It is feared that the water and irrigation systems will be affected because the mining areas are adjacent to Cantingas River and other tributaries. Their permits expired in May 2008, however, they are applying for another two years.


In their agreement with BHP Billiton, they have two years to get an MPSA or else the agreement shall be nullified.


Small-scale open-pit iron ore mining using heavy equipment: a clear violation of Small Scale Mining Act. (PIPLINKS)
Sibuyanons bring Hon. Armin Rios-Marin to his final resting place. (Sibuyan ISLE)
The September 2, 2006 with 8,000 people attending.  (Sibuyan ISLE)